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Express yourself through writing with “Expressor” pen. A premium executive ball point pen.

UPDATE 2/14/19:

Getting some production pricing in, looking good for $150.00 retail price point. Due to customer feedback I have made some slight changes to the body, deeper finger groove cuts. Also I am sending out the prototypes I have in my possession to a local Cerakote shop to address the splotcy ano currently on the bodies.

UPDATE 1/26/19:

Review units have shipped out today to a select few business friends. Debating if I should put a few for sale on the website. Waiting for quotes back from a new more local manufacturer to produce the bodies in PEEK (light weight), Aluminum (medium weight) and Titanium (Heavy weight)

UPDATE 1/22/19:

The anodized pen bodies have arrived. Really digging the gun metal grey color I decided to go with. Small issue with scaling from the anodizing process. Waiting on a special drill size to be able to clean out the refill holes.


When can I buy one?

I currently have 10 very expensive prototypes that i will be selling at cost. In order to get the price point down into a market acceptable range I will need to place orders for all the components in quantities of 100 or more. Due to the high production costs I might have to “crowd fund” this project. I’ll keep you updated.

What is the pen made out of?

The pictured prototype consists of an aluminum body, Stainless Steel tip and click mechanism, and a titanium clip. I have plans to make to body in 3 materials to provide 3 different weights. The lightest made from PEEK, the medium from Aluminum and the heavy from Titanium.

How much does it weigh?

The aluminum body configuration as pictured weighs 54 grams.

Why the triangle shape?

It is ergonomic and reduces finger fatique. Remember those rubbery pencil grips you may have slipped onto your pencil in grade school? The triangular shape has also been proven to increase writing speed and improve hand writing.

Why is it so fat?

This comes down to ergonomics as well. Larger bodied pens are generally easier to physically grip than slim bodied pens. Another consideration in the size of the body came down to another pen design that I have been working on in parallel to this one. The 2nd design consists of a new mechanism and requires the body to be at least this size in order to work.

Why is the tip off centered?

This is also related to the new mechanism design I am still working on. It requires space, lots of it. The trick was figuring out how to design it into a pen body without making a huge thick pen. The solution was to offset the ink cartridge to free up as much room as possible below it.

Did you design your own push button clicker mechanism?

No, the clicker used in this pen is a modified Schmidt mechanism made by To the naked eye it would appear identical to the Schmidt design, but it is not. The cam grooves have been slightly changed for reliability and the material has been changed to Stainless Steel for longevity.

What type of ink refills does it take?

I’m not an expert on refill types, but the one I have been using for testing is a Schmidt refill.

What’s up with the vents towards the back?

Besides looking totally badass!? They were added to allow for quick and easy customization. The vent pocket was designed around 3mm X 22.5mm tritium vials. But you could put anything you like in there that is approx 3mm in diameter.

I have been getting a lot of inquires about this pen. I will keep this FAQ updated as more questions come in.